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Aneeve demonstrates the first “fully” printed all-CNT transparent TFT platform

November 1, 2012adminIn The NewsComments Off on Aneeve demonstrates the first “fully” printed all-CNT transparent TFT platform

Aneeve is the first to demonstrated a “fully” printed ink-jet CNT transistor “transparent” technology platform towards transparent display applications.


consumer products.

Aneeve has been successful in innovating its “base” TFT technology to possess fully transparent TFT properties enabled by printing “all-CNT” transistors that posses both high transparency and high electronic performance. These

unique transistors employ the superior electronic performance of semiconducting carbon nanotubes (CNTs), going beyond materials such as amorphous silicon and metal oxide semiconductors. These devices employ “all-CNT” materials. To the best of our knowledge, such a technological breakthrough is the first to be reported and adds viability to the CNT approach and pathway to transparent displays as was intended to do so via the Phase I NSF SBIR. Our team has demonstrated this capability on both silicon and glass substrates together with top-gated device topologies.

  • Fully printed “all-CNT” top-gated TFT.
  • No vacuum equipment used.
  • Transparent and high electronic performance.



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