Aneeve Nanotechnologies
Aneeve has developed an electronics technology platform based on thin film transistors (TFT), for backplane applications. Our TFT flow includes active semiconducting material such as carbon nanotubes, graphene, MoS2 and wide-bandgap materials such as ZnO and IGZO. Specifically, our leadership in TFT development has seen our company patent printing process flow technology that offers superior performance benefits beyond organic, amorphous silicon and metal oxide options that are transferable to both high throughput ink-jet, aerosol, roll-to-roll printing and standard photolithography platforms. Aneeve’s patent portfolio extends to cover CNT and IGZO TFT technology, printing processes, device design for high performance and transparent backplanes together with encapsulation flows. Printed electronics is gaining wide momentum owing to the many benefits offered over conventional integrated electronics, primarily being low-cost fabrication. Printed electronics has found use in a plethora of applications ranging from displays, lighting OLEDs, RFID, sensors and batteries. The global printed electronics market is expected to grow to $24B in 2015 with a estimated annual growth rate of over 30%.


Aneeve’s proprietary “hybrid TFT”


Transparent CNT TFT

Aneeve’s proprietary “transparent TFT”



Aneeve’s proprietary “transparent TFT on Corning Willow Glass.